WHO AM I: I am Francesca Casiraghi but everyone calls me “Maga”… dont’ remember why though.

WHAT AM I: A mix between Bridget Jones & Amelie.

I AM : Sensitive. Temperamental. Creative. Simpatica. Fairly intelligent, even though I hide it extremely well.  The WORLD CHAMPION & Record Holder in eating French Fries. A lousy girlfriend (he says) but a faithful friend. Kind of a fashionista. I like to dress up.

WHERE AM I: I live in LA, but come straight from a small little town in the northern part of Italy. So small that you can barely see it on Google 3D.  When I grow up: I will make at least one of my childhood dreams come true.

IN ANOTHER LIFE: I’d like to be Frida Kahlo, who I love very much.

RELIGION: traditionally Italian chaotic syncretism.

CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: …. my mother’s lasagne.


1- Skipping stones.

2- Nutella.

3- Touching and biting…someone.


1- People who look at their cell every 2 freaking seconds.

2- House cleaning..spring cleaning…winter cleaning.. CLEANING.

3- Talking to people before 9 AM.

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