If you grew up in Italy your childhood definitely wasn’t complete unless you tasted the Fruttolo at least once.  Can you remember how many times you found yourself walking through the aisles of a supermarket and begged your mom to buy it?



Fruttolo was invented in 1984 as a sweet cheese that would appeal to children, but also be a nutritious snack made only with natural ingredients. The rapid success of Fruttolo led to many tasty variations all of which were packaged in colorful containers.  The smart combination of milk and fruit provided children with the calcium and protein they needed.


Fruttolo advertisement with Disney characters via http://docmanhattan.blogspot.com/

A Fruttolo variation - Fruttolo i frutti


While Italian mothers were concerned with nutrition, the Fruttolo Cow, born at the same time as the original snack, captured the attention of Italian children. Since it first appeared the cow has changed its look to keep up with the times (today it wears Converse-style sneakers), but what hasn’t changed is the fact that Fruttolo still manages to transmit the idea of a nutritious and natural snack while remaining something kids want to eat.

For me it’s the perfect opportunity to live my childhood once again!



Frozen Fruttolo