Future Pass, an exhibition featuring the artworks of more than 100 artists from Asia and the rest of the world will be held at the Venice Biennale, offering visitors different perspectives from the East. Future Pass responds to the general theme of the 54th International Art Exhibition – ILLUMInazioni . ILLUMInations, a theme that emphasizes the illumination of thought – presenting not only an artistic “nation” that transcends national boundaries, but also a new artistic universe centered in Asia, a new aesthetic paradigm currently proliferating to the rest of the world. Crossing genres and disciplines as they appropriate the digital culture of the 21st century, artists working in this eclectic new aesthetic are generating new types of relationships to the globalizing world, offering us all a possible Pass to the Future. Curated from an Asian perspective, this exhibition brings attention to different values that can be recognized in contemporary art. The installation of the show privileges a kaleidoscopic vision that breaks away from the typical “white box” of the museum.

Future Pass location in Venice

New location of the Fondazione Claudio Buziol, and main venue of the exhibition Future Pass. Originally, it was a Benedictine Abbey from the 9th Century.

This all-over visual experience speaks directly to the viewing habits of our digital age, especially our relationship to the computer screen. Future Pass is a meeting of different cultures, ages and personalities. The three curators – Victoria Lu, Renzo di Renzo and Felix Schober – divided the vast number of works to be exhibited into six sections: east/west, past/future, yin/yang, universe/self, virtual/real and cosplay. Their works employ a variety of media from painting, interactive installation, animation and video to sculpture, live performance and body art.

Future Pass curators

Victoria Lu, Renzo di Renzo, Felix Schöber, and Silvia Buziol, President of Fondazione Claudio Buziol.

In its two venues, the exhibition brings together 106 artists and artistic groups from every corner of the world—some already well known – including Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Simone Legno aka Tokidoki, Gary Baseman, Cai Xiaosong – and others up and coming, like one of our favorite, Emanuele Sferruzza Moszkowicz aka The-Em. Trilogy Of Love Between A Libra And A Cusp, The-Em drawing is being commissioned by the NY based band Our Silent Canvas, a group of multimedial artists, musicians and composers who perform in churches. “The idea was to connect  various elements of their music to their installations, a piece of art that could represent the rythm that exists between new age modern man and natural earthy man.”

Canvas at Future Pass, Venice

Trilogy Of Love Between A Libra And A Cusp - The-Em

On the evening of the opening there will be an event dedicated to cosplay, hosted by the senior Italian cosplayer Giorgia Vecchini. This combination of costume and play seeks to blend the virtual with the real, the imaginary personae created in the worlds of computer games and anime with the physical world of the here and now, the space of the exhibition with the bodies of the performers.

Future Pass Italian cosplayer

Giorgia Vecchini, stage name Giorgia Cosplay, the most famous Italian cosplayer. www.giorgiacosplay.com

After the 54th International Art Exhibition in Venice, “Future Pass” will travel to the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam in December 2011 and to the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung and the Today Art Museum in Beijing in 2012. A special collection of artworks from “Future Pass” will also be exhibited by the Streaming Museum, a new public art hybrid museum for the 21st century that brings contemporary arts programming to global audiences via screens on seven continents and online at www.streamingmuseum.org

The five co-organizing institutions are Fondazione Claudio Buziol in Venice, UNEEC Culture and Education Foundation in Taipei, Today Art Museum in Beijing, Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam, Holland and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung.

Gary Baseman at Future Pass

Beyond the Hills of Creamy Goodness - Gary Baseman

Baseman’s new painting “Beyond the Hills of Creamy Goodness,” is a 4 x 9 ft painting that continues where Hide and Seek in the Forest of ChouChou and I Melt in your Presence leaves off. “I love creating my other worldly environments where the Wild Girls roam and the Demons lurk” says Gary “to take away all the girls hate and insecurity and fear, by absorbing it and oozing out their creamy gooey love, out of their belly buttons.”

Good Night Strawberry at Future Pass, Venice

Good Night Strawberry - Tokidoki

“What does it represent for me?” says Simone Legno from Venezia “It’s night, the city is moving, and it’s creatures are coming out, playing their double role between mischief and innocence, represented by The Strawberry, which is sacrificing itself to sin. My painting symbolizes the week end, all the memories and characters of the city met during the week, which are gathering together for a party. The Strawberry for me is the symbol of purity, the scapegoat given to the Night Gods. Obviously my city is a japanese city, my ideal living place.

Indieguerrillas artwork at Future Pass

Sons of the Beach - Indieguerillas

Wim Delvoye artwork at Future Pass

Nautilus - Wim Delvoye

Lighting sculpture at Future Pass

Uros Island - lighting sculpture - Grimanesa Amorós

Planet at Future Pass

Planet - Cai Xiaosong

Home by Yoshimoto Nara at Future Pass

Home - Yoshitomo Nara

Running period: June 4 – November 6, 2011

Abbazia di San Gregorio, 172 Dorsoduro, 30123 Venice (Italy)
Palazzo Mangilli-Valmarana, 4392 Cannaregio, 30121 Venice (Italy)

Fondazione Claudio Buziol – www.fondazioneclaudiobuziol.org

UNEEC Foundation for Culture and Education – http://foundation.uneec.com

Today Art Museum – www.todayartmuseum.com

Wereldmuseum – www.wereldmuseum.nl

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts – www.ntmofa.gov.tw