Ducati Race Luggage for tumi

Ducati Quattroporte 4 Wheel Luggage x Tumi




DUCATI – Quattroporte 4 Wheeled Medium Trip for Tumi | $ 645 | The collaboration between two masters of quality design, Ducati and Tumi resulted in this stunning high-tech luggage collection with a polycarbonate exterior.  The set is available in only one color: Race red.



Maliparmi case gifts guide

Maliparmi iPad Case


MALIPARMI – Laptop Capsule Collection iPad Carrier | € 69 | For Christmas Maliparmi has given us a very exclusive eco-friendlycollection. The cases are made with a patchwork of fabrics that are from the Maliparmi archive and so they exist only in limited qualities.



Prada Key Fob Teddy Bear - gifts guide

Rock Teddy Bear Key Chain by Prada


PRADA – Trick Key Chain | $ 220 | This year Prada’s gift collection includes a series of funny and sweet key chains. The teddy bears have a surprising rock attitude and of course the Prada logo is not missing.



MISSONI | Large Fabric Bag for ORPHANAID


MISSONI – Beauty Case for ORPHANAID | $ 80 | In a YOOX online exclusive Missoni’s iconic zigzag design, here in red and pink, benefits a nonprofit organization that helps fight childhood hunger and poverty.



bugatti coffe maker

Bugatti Espresso and Cappuccino Machine


BUGATTI – Diva 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machines | $ 700 | This is probably the fastest coffee machine on the market, in fact many of its components are made at the Bugatti factory. Beyond the usual features such as a steam wand for cappuccinos, this machine has some very cool new features, for example you can add extra ingredients to give the coffee its own unique flavor.