Anchovy flan | Gastrode’sign collection for La Puglia in un Piatto


The delicious traditional recipes of Italy’s Puglia region get a taste of pop culture, modern styling and a new graphic look with the Gastrode’sign Plates series.

Produced by Usopposto design studio, the plates are part of the Gastrode’sign Collection conceived for “La Puglia in un piatto” [Apulia on a Plate], a book that celebrates regional Apulian cuisine through 60 recipes paired with graphic design elements and ceramic plates. Each of the fun plates comes with a genuine Apulian recipe that seems to come straight from a grandmother’s kitchen. From a flying anchovy clothespin to arabesque patterns, the designs are a fanciful take on the rich imagery of southern Italy and ensure you won’t just find food on your plate, but the history of a land.  Hungry yet?  We sure are!

€ 25.00 | Want it? Grab it!



Stuffed squid | Gastrode’sign


Friselle | Gastrode’sign


Spaghetti with caurri plate | Gastrode’sign



Fried battered dried salt cod plate | Gastrode’sign



Rabbit with vegetables plate | Gastrode’sign



Barese octopus plate | Gastrode’sign


La Puglia in un piatto | Apulia on a Plate

La Puglia in un piatto | Apulia on a Plate