I’ve always loved living in Marina del Rey. I just can’t stand that grey, gloomy sky when I’m driving down Lincoln Blvd. We all know the “funky” side of Lincoln Blvd in Venice. It’s cool and funky, but as far as streets go, it’s also pretty ugly.

I think it’s one of the ugliest streets in Los Angeles. There I said it.

But then, like a mirage, there appears The General Store. And I go “Wow, let me walk in, this looks cool!”


I was immediately attracted by the Beatrice Valenzuela moccasins.



I also notice the cutest objects for gifts all over the main table.



I was Lucky to meet Hannah, the lovely owner.



And then I think about those 1980′s “mini-malls” and gas stations. There are, of course, several on Lincoln. They’re obviously popular and practical, but they’re also just ugly.

This is what Venice is becoming: wonderful conceptual stores like General Store. It’s about art, and care for aesthetics. Let’s protect and explore ways of making Lincoln the most awesome street ever.

More thoughts on my next article: “Lincoln Blvd, Venice: Wake Up?”