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Byg Bang t-shirt | Gianni Agnelli


It is generally agreed that Gianni Agnelli is one of the most stylish men ever, an authentic style icon.  The way he dressed defined his style and it remains modern even today as many famous designers continue to use some of Agnelli’s tricks.

What made his style so unique was a strong attention to detail.  He was particularly good at mixing different styles and trends with a perfect nonchalance that made it seem that some elements were by chance, when really they were actually very studied (this is what many top designers are doing these days).  One of his most beloved signatures was a wristwatch he wore over his shirt-cuff as well as the ankle boots he wore with bespoke suits.

Now the 100% Made in Italy clothing company BYG Bang is celebrating Gianni’s unique style in one of their t-shirts.  Printed with the message “rock inside” the shirt features Gianni’s image with a David Bowie-inspired lighting bolt on his face.  Other shirts in the series feature portraits of John Lennon and Barack Obama.  Our favorite of course remains the one with Gianni because as a man ahead of the times in terms of his style, we know he had a bit of rock inside.

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byg bang t-shirt with Gianni Agnelli

David Bowie Lighting Bolt on Gianni

Giovanni Agnelli

Gianni Agnelli