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my fucked up bycicle

Gioels, who cannot stop thinking of Los Angeles, wrote back to us with a….sort of… well, read it!

Los Angeles for me is……

I am just back from 14 fu!@^%$#^!%@ng hours of cruel bent-backward manual labor at my farmhouse, La Sorgente, situated between wonderful hills and endless vineyards in Tuscany…. After a shower, here I am, drinking a glass of  white wine on my  home terrace, in total relax, when… thinking at my past-previous (43 days ago) experience in the City of Angels… I decided to write something down… as to never forget why I loved LA… or just simply to keep fresh in my mind my sensations  ….

Los Angeles for me is……

The morning mad rush to reach the offices, and the daily traffic jam to get back home….

Look at all the immobilized car, traffic bumper-2-bumper, while i ride on the sidewalk with my totally fucked up bicycle…

The office lights that switch on automatically when I enter in a room…. cool, right?

The “hey, how are you dear?” that everybody says to you… and the “Fine, and YOU” that you reply…until a second before you did not know of their existence….

A series of flaming $$$$ supercars passing by, when at the same time, you look just in front of you and you’ll see a crowd of homeless…

The American addiction #1, to be always busy in DOING something….

Feeling strange, when you enter in coffee bar like starbucka, and be the only one that is there just to enjoy a giant cappuccino, while the rest of the people are busy studying, writing, checking e-mail and all that stuff….  Coffè anyone?

The total surrealism, the atmosphere, the creativity, the originality of the magic world called Venice beach…

The crazy and out of their minds people that you can meet on the bus going from sunset strip to downtown….

The sentence “if you don’t own a car in Los Angeles you’re dead”, I had to admit that is really really true… You are dead!!

Wait a bus for hours and hours…

Explain at the american folk that their sacred yankee theory “bigger is better” is not at all true…not all the time…

For every kind of food, there are at least 5 sauces…. mamma mia!

Ask themselves WHY they call our pizza al salame, “Pepperoni”? WTF

You can die for MANY reason in L.A, but never because of hunger, because wherever you are, it doesn’t matter what time it is, you’ll find a place to eat….

Discover that, in case of fast food , there isn’t only Mcdonalds and Burger king, but other 3000 millions of chains like that…we didn’t know.

Say that a place is “near” in L.A, indeed it means that at least is half an hour far away… by car!!…

The wonderful sun, that every morning say “good morning LA, this is a new day, come on!”…

My half destroyed bicycle, with which i daily risk my life in crazy traffic, but however SHE IS (my bicycle is a she bicycle) is my ONLY means of transportation…

A relaxed walk on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, enjoying a yummy yogurt, looking at the nice shops..

The kindness of the people…not all of them.. which brings us back to the: “How are you doing, my dear?”

Enter in contact with new different cultures. Exchange opinions, talk, talk and talk again, to understand more and more every day… of who you are

Feel how much is important the family, MY FAMILY….MY ITALIAN heritage

Feeling a perfect desperate houseman… (love tv)

Bring with me (in my mind) special moments, that not even tons of photos or millions of words, can describe…


written by Gioels

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