Accendi una stella  
Saturday night for me mean only two things: Top Gear and PlayStation night. First of all Top Gear, of course, i can’t miss any episode! I really love cars and english humor! Then it’s Playstation time. Usually one of my best friend comes to my house, we spend the whole night watching movies and playing soccer games on line, where, we usually fancy and play with Juventus club. Talking about the team and the lack of won championships in the last years, brought us to talk about some facts:
1) Juve aka La Vecchia Signora is the italian team with more supporters all over the world and
2) its stadium it’s almost always empty.  Or it was, in the past seasons. We spoke a bit about it and about JUVE new stadium. The following day, just because I am a fan, I checked a bit around a bit  iand saw some figures and info on internet, than decided to write this article, knowing also that NO other italian soccer club owns it’s own stadium. None, zipo, nada, zero. What kind of business is this, and how can italian soccer grow if we do not own our own stadiums?
Giugiaro + pininfarina + juventus stadium

Juventus Stadium 2011

Here we are, Saverio & Melissa, writing for you, from Parma, Emilia Romagna
just after Juve tied 1:1 with Bologna on wed Sept 21st. Everyone that follows soccer a bit knows that the last season Juve rented Il Comunale stadium because the one that Juve owned – Delle Alpi has – been demolished in order to make space and build the new one: Lo Stadio Olimpico di Torino, (Olympic Stadium) with a very intersting twist, the whole project it’ s really interesting.
Giugiaro + pininfarina + juventus stadium + interior

New Juve Stadium

desig by Giugiaro and Pininfarina

Giugiaro & Pininfarina's vision

The stadium has been designed by the italians Giugiaro and Pininfarina (legendary innovative car designers!) and wants to be one of the most beautiful in the world. It will be, offering a 34K square meters (366k square feets) mall, 30k s.m (323k s.f) of park and a huge Club’s Museum.
Giugiaro + pininfarina + accendi una stella


There is a big opportunity and surprise for the Juventus supporter with the ‘Accendi una stella’ project. In the floor of the stadium there will be some plaques representing five point stars. The supporters can buy this plaques and write their own name in it, next the club’s MVPs that already have it. This is a great things for the real fans to be part of the Juventus history for ever. The price it’s kind of expansive, $360 for the gold one, and $500 for the platinium and you can choose the name that you want to write and where you want to place it. I think it’s really Cool!

Giugiaro + pininfarina + juventus stadium + stars

Accendi una Stella's Project

The opening ceremony, was september 8th with a friendly match vs Notts County, the second oldest club in the world. They tied 1:1 (fro the fans)
Giugiaro + pininfarina + notts county + opening match

Notts County

Giugiaro + pininfarina + juventus + old

Juventus Torino 1972-1973

Juventus and Magpies (come on english soccer fans) relation started 109 years ago. In that period Juve used to play with a really prim kit made by a pink shirt and a black tie, something not really confortable for the players and not appropriate for the game. For this reason John Savage, a Juve’s partner, ordered from his hometown Nottingham a new soccer uniform. The story tell that he asked the other Nottingham’s team, the Forrest because red and nearer to the colour of Juventus, but for a mistake the County’s one has been delivered. Since that year, 1903, ‘black and white’ is a byword for Juventus. It’s funny that during the matches the Notts supporters sing ‘it’s just like watching Juve’.

Ciao, Saverio & Melissa