Feed your family with fish and vegetables from your rooftop.  That’s the idea behind GLOBE, a mini sustainable farm concept that’s on its way to becoming a reality.



The GLOBE is the result of a collaboration of UrbanFarmers AG, an organization devoted to solving the world’s food supply challenges and Conceptual Devices, a think tank for socially responsible design.  Leading Conceptual Devices is Antonio Scarponi, an architect who has studied at Cooper Union in New York, holds a PhD from IUAV Venice and works around the world from Stockholm to Milan.



The geodesic farm design is made from sustainable materials such as bamboo and promises to be an innovative way to feed families year-round.  To take their design to the stage of a working prototype, UrbanFarmers and Conceptual Devices are accepting contributions through indiegogo.  Depending on how much you donate you could receive a reward, from a thank you to 6 numbered and signed prints.


Donate through indiegogo.  Learn more about the project at Conceptual Devices.