Gold Plated Knuckle Ring with Diamonds | Diletta Gioacchini


Italian jewelry designer Diletta Gioacchini might have only launched her collection this year, but it already speaks to a uniquely bold style. Right now we are loving the clean and modern lines of her Gold Plated Knuckle Ring with Diamonds.  The futuristic touch given to the very popular current trend of the knuckle ring means it’s the kind of accessory we could imagine wearing both to grab a drink at a party and to defend ourselves on a sci-fi battleground.

The inspiration for the collection comes from the Japanese word Tekko which literally means iron or armor.  Similar to brass knuckles, a traditional Tekko is wood or iron rod that helps a fighter put more weight behind a hit. Gioacchini’s design transforms the Tekko into a Made in Italy knuckle ring created from gold-plated sterling silver and decorated with ice diamonds, amethyst and quartz.  While it might not be a weapon, this artisan-crafted statement piece is sure to pack a style punch.

$ 2,686.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Knuckle ring with ice diamonds, amethyst and quartz


Gioacchini's gold-plated silver knuckle ring Made in Italy