My Grandmother, Beatriz Calcagno also known as Buba, was an extremely extravagant lady for her time. Born in Genova, but raised in Barcelona, Buba was a woman who lived life to the fullest, who enjoyed every aspect of the modern world and loved to socialize and travel.  In this picture  she’s at a party in the 60’s wearing an incredible feather necklace and her inseparable pinky panther ring.


Buba with her pinky panther ring and a feather necklace


Below she attends a coktail at Barcelona’s finest Martini Lounge in an long silk dress  that seems somewhat Asian inspired and a very interesting clutch. I wish I could learn to do my hair like that. I have this image in my memory of her preparing her hair for hours. Rolling each curl. Waiting an hour and then blowdrying and spraying. Then came the make up; it had to match the outfit. Last but not least the details. Clutches, funky glasses, jewelry and finishing touches.


Buba all dressed up.


Here she is at another event, dressed in a silky dress with sexy cleavage. The doors to heaven are held closed with a ravishing Rose.


A sexy silk dress adorned with a rose.


At  her wedding in Gava with my Grandfather Jose, Mayor of the little town on the outskirts of Barcelona.


My grandparents' wedding in the late 1940s


When I think of her historical backround, her desire to live becomes so clear to me. Married to a man, my Grandfather Jose, with strong patriotic values and a passion for politics, Buba found herself part of a very exclusive Spanish social circle, mainly Francoists. The manners were polished, and it was necessary to display a good demeanor at all times through the use of proper language and conservative clothing. A woman was expected to display grace and femininity through her chastity and morals.



After my grandfather died, the family was distraught and the kids were still teenagers. Buba found herself to be a single mom of three facing an unknown world. Something inside told her to live, love and wear color. This was the start of a new life! And we slip into the 60’s in Pink.


My grandmother in pink.


Buba with my father at an event in Barcelona. It was summer and they chose to wear white. Her smile shows how open to the world she was and how ready she was to discoer what lay ahead.


Buba with a family friend in the 1970s.


Buba was always an elegant lady who always loved to take paseos and see the monuments, shop and yes, talk about herself. Only with Mom would she get feisty and competitive. It was funny to watch. But we all know what it means to be the daughter of such a strong personality. You can see the personalities pretty well in the expressions in the photo below. My Grandmother in a gorgeous suit and a beautiful gold chain as her mind holds on to something her daughter must have just said. Her outfit shows her moderness and independence. Then my mother in a sweet sweater which is tied closed at the neck by wool a wool drawstring, looking away.



I believe that now more than ever I see Buba’s true beauty, I wish I could still tell her how much I love her and how important she was to me!


Buba's smile