Here is an artist worth talking about: Greg Lauren. I have mentioned him before, but never have I been as passionate about his work as I am now. The more I get to know him, the more I am impressed by his unbelievable talent.



Greg Lauren | Tailback jackets


These two cropped jackets are very cute and are hand-sewn from vintage fabric. Remember, this is the artist/painter nephew of the talented Ralph Lauren.  With Greg Lauren clothing he’s not just following in his family’s footsteps, he is claiming his own territory in the industry and is the very first and very best at what he does.


jackets Greg Lauren

Greg Lauren | Jackets


When I look at his tailback jackets I wonder how he manages to express high-end culture with such an avante-garde and modern twist.


Greg Lauren tailback jacket

Greg Lauren | Tailback jacket


I like mixing Greg Lauren with designers such as Ann Demeulemeester, but also even just with jeans. That’s the beauty of his pieces. They are versatile and timeless.


Style Pupa outfit

Style Pupa outfit


Anything can match the jackets as far as shoes, but because they are so elaborate and take the scene, I would stay simple and comfortable with these awesome Common Projects wedges.


Common Projects wedges

Common Projects wedges


Here is my last combo for you, a Greg Lauren tailback jacket with a long tank top and tight jeans by Nicholas Andreas Taralis.


Outfit by Style Pupa

Outfit by Style Pupa


Greg Lauren is available in a few stores like Barneys New York, Guild Boutique and more.