Marola GG Shoe Collection | Gucci




For most of us the Gucci brand is probably synonymous with luxury and high quality materials more than eco-sustainability, but that might be about to change with the Green Marola Collection.  This time Gucci isn’t using silk or fine Italian leather, they’re using … biodegradable compost!  Yes, these environmentally-friendly shoes are made from bio-plastic, a versatile but durable material that comes from compost.

Gucci jelly shoes are the latest addition to the Italian design house’s line of accessories   Without sacrificing style or quality, the concept reduces fashion’s impact on the environment.  The cut-out sandals are available in two styles – wedges and flats – as well as a range of colors including black, pink, taupe, white and yellow.  Each pair has the iconic Gucci logo in either a matching or contrasting color.

Price $170.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Ballerine Green Marola by Gucci

Green Marola collection by Gucci

Marola Collection Shoes in pink, black and white.

Detail of the GG logo on the Gucci Marola Collection