Objects say a lot about us, about our feelings, about culture and also about a territory. But, most of all, a “jewel must fascinate, hypnotize- which is exactly what a jewel must be for the Italy based designer and manufacturer Gustavo Renna – just like warriors in the Renaissance used to decorate their weapons with brilliant gems and sophisticated techniques. Everything was supposed to be so surprisingly charming that the enemy’s eye was caught by such beauty before the final combat.”

Ring “Cratere” is one of his masterpieces. Mythology is ever present. More than any other jewel, he pictured in this ring the greek mythology of the seven labors of Hercules. He defines his art as modern Etrurian style.

At the roots of his design there is mythology, history, tradition. Gustavo creates handmade jewels that are unique and his work is inspired by Italy’s treausures: his hometown’s landscape, Mount Vesuvius, the Bay of Naples, but also on other Italian beauties and cities such as Venice, Sorrento, Rome, and Florence. Fascinated by ancient jewel arts, Gustavo digs into Italy’s beauty and, just like a landscape painter of the 1700, he pictures Italian treasures in rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants.

“Ercolanum” rings. When luxury is magic from the sea. These rings represent the “mood” of the ocean; he created different shades of colour of the sea: the sea at daytime, the sea at night time and the sea in September. Each ring has at its center a handmade miniature of Italian landscapes, sites or bridges.

Art and fashion come together in his jewels. “You can sell a design but you can’t sell a feeling. When you enter a local store you bring back with you a piece of art, of fashion and a piece of that place.” Gustavo grew up in the jewelry field; his whole family and both parents worked  in jewel manufacturing for over four generations. He studied at the Art Institute of Naples, with a background in fine and applied arts, and then started working in one of the most important artistic laboratories of Naples, with master craftsman Virgilio.

Here, Renna is wearing a ring that is also a rosary. Like many other Neapolitan, he’s very devoted.

He also studied many techniques from the big industrial jewelers, at Chopard and Buccellati, aiming to excellence and willing to approach the most difficult technique in ancient art jewelry, the “granulazione etrusca: thousands of tiny gold spheres combined together to make a unique design. With his strong passion and interest for new and sophisticated techniques and his richness of design and artistic expression made with precious metals, gorgeous gemstones and luxurious textures, Gustavo captures made in Italy essence.

Made in Italy Rings by Gustavo Renna

These rings are representative of his work because the tree shown above is the Tree of Life, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It grows in the desert of Bahrain and for Gustavo it represents a metaphor of fascination, wonder and mystery.

His jewels travel the globe to bring a piece of Italy’s best handmade wares. He sells direct from his workshop in Ercolano (region Campania), on the internet at this website  www.gustavorenna.com and also at the exclusive Jensen Stern jewellery store in Ketchum, Idaho.

Made in Italy Bracelet by Gustavo Renna

Miniature paintings of Italian monuments and sites are his idea and philosophy of a "souvenir."

Made in Italy Jewelery By Gustavo Renna

Gustavo @ work

Gustavo as child

Young Gustavo

Rania Al-Abdullah, Queen of Jordan, was fascinated by his jewelry’s style and wears his rings. For his wedding, his special gift to his wife was a totally unique and original design: precious earrings to match the bride’s dress.