No matter what holiday you might celebrate, or even if you choose only to celebrate the beauty of everyday, the fact is that right now when it comes to gift giving you have plenty of choice. If you’re Ganzo, then you’ll be looking for the best gifts that will share your passion for original Italian design and style.

This holiday two Ganzo gals, Sara and Giulia, have chosen some of their favorites from everything that has come across our desk recently, in order to help you be a great gift-giver.


Sara’s gift suggestions:


Cucù Clock by Diamantini & Domeniconi | Gals Francis Gold Black Sunglasses by Super


DIAMANTINI & DOMENICONI – Cucù Clock by Pascal Tarabay | $355 | This modern cuckoo clock “sings” every hour during the daytime, but not when it is dark outside.  It’s available both in wood or metal and many different colors.

SUPER- Gals Francis Gold Black Sunglasses | $184 | The newcomer in the eclectic Francis family, designed by Super, is the Gals Francis Gold Black. The oversized shades boast the same strong body as the original version, but this time around they’re in a solid black quality acetate paired with gold metal.



Touch Me! iPad Case by Moschino | Floral Print Sneakers by Alouette


MOSCHINO – Ipad Case | $68 | Compatible with Apple Ipad 2 and the new Ipad, this case made out of hard plastic will safeguard a fashionista’s iPads from small bruises and bumps.

ALOUETTE – Floral Print Sneakers | $ 224 | Chic but comfortable, Alouette sneakers are inspired by French vintage scarves and created with satin and silk details. Completely Made in Italy.


Ferrari Grand Prix Moments by David Bull Publishing | Birdcage Tea Strainer by Alessi


FERRARI GRAND PRIX MOMENTS – Formula one photo book | $75| Motorports photographer Jesse Alexander produced some of his most memorable images while following Scuderia Ferrari on the European Grand Prix circuit between 1954 and 1966. The 100 black-and-white and color photos in this book don’t just capture racing highlights at classic venues, they also offer a more intimate, behind-the-scenes view of the Ferrari team.

ALESSI – Birdcage Tea Strainer | $135 | When the bird is removed and placed back in the cage it tweets melodically. It is the ultimate accessory for afternoon tea. The strainer/bird is also available separately.


3D Bag by Too Late | Vintage Pencil Set by Antica Cartotecnica


ANTICA CARTOTECNICA – Vintage pencils | $ 30 | This pencil set from the historic Roman stationery store includes a variety of 5 vintage pencils dating from the early 1940s all the way to the late 1960s. The elegant folder that houses them is also vintage.

TOO LATE – 3D bag | $60 | The new bag collection by Too Late is called “3D” because it’s completely flat and you put it together. Just follow the zips and your bag will come to life into your hands. 13 colors of felt, with mix n’ match zips, to warm up your winter.


Bracelet by Marni | Cheese grater by Paola C.


MARNI – Resin Set Bracelet | $210 | This gold tone bracelet with black and white resin stones makes the perfect gift for a white holiday filled with black tie affairs.

PAOLA C. –  Cheese Grater | € 48 | This unusual airplane shaped cheese grater is designed to make serving up authentic grated Italian cheese fun. It is completely made ​​of stainless steel and designed by Liviana Osti.