C109 | Swinging Tim | Designed by Tim Hollo


Combine the functionality of modular furniture with the creativity of established and emerging artists and you get the Hollo Modular Cabinet by Homecode. Created in collaboration with the Italian artist Andrea Magnani, the glossy white storage unit is 100% Made in Italy.

What makes the bare bones storage cabinet so special is the added colorful touch of interchangeable artist-designed doors. Once you’ve bought the body of the Hollo you can transform its look by dressing it up with different graphics from artists such as Tim Hollo, Matteo Cibic and Alberto Ghirardello.  All you need to do in order to transform the feel of your living room is order a new set of the Hollo’s 4 front doors.  How simple is that?

€ 199.00 – 389.00 | Want it? Grab it!



C126 | Way in the deep forest | Designed by Tim Hollo


C060 | Chuck Close | Designed by Helyeah for abiscuitaccident


C141 | Flowing Colors 001 | Designed by Anna Ter Haar