Cannes Film Festival 2011 speaks a little Italian, especially in the Short Film Corner Showcase, with A True Love, a short directed & produced by our own Angelenos Alessio and Roberta.

Alessio Di Giambattista filmmaker, director-actor combo with a passion for the craft of storytelling and the power of humor found even in life’s darkest situations. His work is infused with themes ranging from the absurd, the imaginative, to the tragicomic, always delivering a message while keeping in mind the primary purpose of entertaining an audience.

cannes film festival 2011 alessio di giambattista

Alessio Di Giambattista & the camera

“I am from Arezzo, Tuscany, that is where I started to make home videos as a kid, a prelude to my lifelong passion for creative filmmaking. At 18 I started doing stand-up comedy. I then received a BA in Performing Arts at the University of Siena, and from there I began to act and direct plays. In 2007 I moved to L.A. Hollywood, where I completed the New York Film Academy Director’s Course.”


cannes film festival 2011 alessio di giambattista a true love

On set


Trained in every aspect of the craft in the movie business, he believes the most important thing is the love he puts into directing, bringing a group of people together, all aiming to realize an unique vision.

cannes film festival 2011 alessio di giambattista kid

Love your actors... because they are lovely...

“To be a good orchestra director you have to know all the instruments that are available to you. A favorite tool? I love Improv skills.”


cannes film festival 2011 alessio di giambattista kitchen

To relax, after work, I like to cook

His last short, A True Love, is showing right now in Cannes in the Short Film Corner.

cannes film festival 2011 a true love poster

A True Love. Cannes 2011 Short Film Corner.

The film’s producer, Roberta Spartà, a professional model and actress, was discovered in Italy at age 16 when she started travelling the world. After years working in fashion & advertising, Roberta auditioned for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts – – and got a student scholarship. She has lived in Los Angeles since 2001, where she works in fashion, acting, tv and movie production.

cannes film festival 2011 a true love roberta sparta'

Roberta Spartà

“Producing is a natural extension of my job as an actress. I’m an artist, I love what I do, I love to tell stories and share emotions. It doesn’t matter where and how, whether in front of or behind the camera. I have a voice and I want to be heard.”

cannes film festival 2011 a true love scene

I am positive, energetic and easy going but sophisticated... a hurricane!!!

A True Love.

Created by Roberta Sparta, Alessio Di Giambattista.

Written by Roberta Sparta, Alberto Iozza and Alessio Di Giambattista.

Music by Mario Fanizzi.

Produced by Roberta Sparta, Umberto Riva.

Directed by Alessio Di Giambattista.

Actors: Erin Elisabeth Patrick, Marta Philips, Mark Smith.

You can see True Love here:

Thanks to Stefania Rosini for the beautiful pictures!