The Perfect Italian Wedding

Whether it is because of the temperate weather or open schedules, more and more couples are opting to have their weddings in late summer and early fall. With September underway you might find yourself invited to a lot of weddings or perhaps even planning your own. As this magical season starts, we thought it would be the perfect time to bring you our tips on how to bring some Italian style and flavor to a walk down the aisle.


Italian Wedding

Italian Wedding

1. The wedding dress

The first thing most brides think of when getting married is choosing a wedding dress. After the 1980s and 1990s, when layers of lace and tulle captured the imagination of fashion designers obsessed with excess, during recent years Italian designers have returned to the simple sophisticated elegance of women such as Grace Kelly. With clean lines, careful tailoring, soft silhouettes, and just a hint of lace, the modern Italian wedding dress is always graceful. The perfect examples of this refinement are the bridal dresses in Valentino’s latest collection. Italian bridal gowns range from full-sleeve to strapless styles, but brides who choose the latter also grab a jacket, stole or shawl, since bare shoulders can’t walk down the aisle of a Roman Catholic church.


Valentino Wedding Dress

Valentino Wedding Dress

2. Flowers

Just as with the bride’s dress, the secret to the beauty of Italian wedding decorations is simplicity. It’s not important to have a lot of flowers inside the wedding chapel or during the wedding reception. The perfect and preferred color for wedding flowers remains white, sometimes with pale pink or pale purple accents. While lilies are traditional, the modern Italian bride also opts for white tulips, baby’s breath or wild flowers.


Baby's Breath

Baby’s Breath

3. Wedding reception

Both rustic and sophisticated, the ideal location for an Italian style wedding reception is a country house or villa with a large garden. Natural beauty takes center stage in these locations, while understated decorations, such as candles, serve to enrich and give warmth to the classic atmosphere.



4. The table setting

It might be hard to remember that, from a guest’s perspective, the meal is one of the most important parts of a wedding. Since for Italians food is an integral means of bringing people together, it’s only natural that it have a major role at a wedding. Rustic elegance is the best way to go for a true Italian style wedding dinner.  Whether it’s round or rectangular, large or small, choose a wood table to set the stage for an Italian meal. Create a romantically rustic scene with a palette of burlap, white and cream. Cut craft paper card stock into small tags and write your guests’ names in a pretty script for a simple, but personal place card.


The table setting

The table setting

Wedding Table

Wedding Tabl

5. Wedding Favor

No one should feel pangs of guilt after your wedding because they decide to throw out your useless wedding favor. So, make it something they can actually use! One great idea is to choose your favorite Italian olive oil and give each guest a mini bottle. Add a tag that thanks them in Italian, “Grazie,” for attending your wedding.