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Hyper Touch Guitar | Max Battaglia


Want a no-strings attached kind of relationship with your guitar?  Well, Italian designer Max Battaglia has made it possible…quite literally.

The Hyper Touch Guitar gives a musical spin to the touch-device trend by taking the strings off of a standard electric guitar. It comes in two models, one has a small touchscreen and a capacitive fingerboard, the other has a carbon fiber frame and is completely multi-touch.  Since the multi-touch interface allows musicians to customize the frets, tuning, number of “strings” played and sound effects, this instrument offers a hyper-version of the options on an electric guitar.  In fact, a wireless command center makes the Hyper Touch a fully integrated instrument.  It seems Max Battaglia has included everything except, of course, a guitar pick.

$ TBA | Want it? Grab it when it will see the light!


the two models

Standard and EVO models

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HTG's Features

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