I-Thermic Sunglasses by Italia Independent after they have changed color


Created by Italia Independent, a brand  directed by the creative mind of Lapo Elkann, well known as the best dressed man in the world, these are the first thermosensitive sunglasses ever created. Italia Independent aims to reinvent classic Italian products using innovative materials and indeed the I-Thermic glasses use advanced technology.

While the technology, the use of a particular enzyme, is revolutionary, the result is extremely simple: the sunglasses change color when a certain temperature is reached.  You might start out the day with a pair of plain black sunglasses, but by the end they could be camo-colored!  It’s the classic fable of reinvention, retold Lapo Elkann-style.

$ 180.00 | Want It?  Grab it!


I-Thermic Sunglasses by Italia Independent before they have changed color