InDito | Vito Nesta


Thimbles used to be everyday objects you would find in most people’s homes. While they might be less common today, Italian designer Vito Nesta was lucky to stumble across one in his grandmother’s house and take inspiration from its traditional shape.  The end result is the fun and modern InDito Vase.

Vito Nesta transforms the humble thimble, the kind of anonymous object that is often taken for granted, into an inspiring design object. When the thimble is re-crafted in ceramic, its larger-than-life proportions suggest a new functional interpretation for what was once a sewing accessory.  In its reinterpretation as the InDito vase, the thimble is given a pop of bright and metallic color and can be used as a vase, a plant pot, or a catchall container.

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The InDito Vase held by its designer Vito Nesta


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InDito | Vito Nesta