Interview with Photographer and Director Francesco Carrozzini


Bold and full of attitude and emotion, Francesco Carrozzini’s photographs and videos don’t ask for your attention, they take it.


Keith Richards on the cover of L’uomo Vogue | Photo by Francesco Carrozzini


In front of the lens are musicians – Marilyn Manson, Keith Richards,  Katy Perry, directors – Tim Burton, David Cronenberg, Pedro Almodovar, actors – John Malkovitch, Mickey Rourke, Natalie Portman, and supermodels – Heidi Klum, Linda Evangelista, Dree Hemingway. Behind the lens is an Italian who is not only passionate about vision, but has also managed at a young age to transform that passion into a stellar career.


Marilyn Manson | Photo by Francesco Carrozzini


Francesco grew up in Milan and, since his mother is Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani, was immersed in a creative environment from a young age.  While still a university student studying philosophy, he became a working director. After moving to New York he was nominated for the Best Young Director award at Cannes and later a Daytime Emmy Award for a series of interviews with influential actors.

His photography brings a similar aesthetic to still images.  Whether telling a story or capturing the passion of an instant, his work speaks through the character of its subjects and makes you want to listen.


Lapo Elkann | Photo by Francesco Carrozzini




Mickey Rourke | Photo by Francesco Carrozzini


It’s a tough road to reach success as a director in New York.  How did you approach it?

I did as many things as I could do, and met as many people as I could. And I feel I am just starting.  The approach is to expand and be open to look for stories. 


What are the differences and similarities to how you approach a film shoot versus a photo shoot ?

The technique and inspirations are similar, what changes is in one I try to tell a story, in the other I try to express a visual concept or try to capture someone’s personality in an instant. 


Video still from Francesco Carrozzini’s video campaign for Ray Ban


You studied philosophy in university even though you were already making films.  Why did you choose that course of study and has anything from it influenced your current work?

Why?  It is to question myself, which I think is good to do all the time. The attitude of philosophy is to keep doubting and reconsidering.  It’s a mental attitude that influences not only my work, but my life – at times too much so. 


Between New York and Milan how have the places you’ve lived influenced your personal style?

Milan has influenced me when I dress for events or towards the elegant side. New York has made me feel free to wear anything I want. 


Francesco Carrozzini


Of the art and posters you have hanging on your walls at home, what are a couple of pieces that are particularly important to you?

Four eyes of Irving Penn are very important because they were the first art I ever owned; they carry a really spiritual sense.  They remind me to focus on vision.


Are there any films you never get tired of watching?

Hundreds of films: 8 1/2, Amadeus, Sexy Beast, The Postman, everything by Polanski.


David Cronenberg | Photo by Francesco Carrozzini


What’s your next project that you’re most excited about?

There’s a lot on the plate, I don’t want to spoil the surprise.


Check out Francesco’s Fiat Gucci video:

Fiat 500 Gucci — Francesco Carrozzini from Stardust Brands on Vimeo.