InVaso | Stefano Claudio Bison


A vase contains flowers.  In turn, flowers contain water and mineral salts.  The idea that both organic and nonorganic objects can be seen as containers is the inspiring starting point for the InVaso Vase by Italian designer Stefano Claudio Bison.

InVaso is a concept vase that mimics the form of a traditional terracotta pot, but is created from sponge. Since the plastic lined sponge wall of the vase both absorbs and contains the water necessary for plant life, it revises the traditional idea of a vase as a simple receptacle built from a barrier material.   Made by hand, the vase comes in two different sizes and is available in several modern color combinations.

€ 12.90 – 21.00 | Want it? Grab it!



InVaso Sponge Vase



InVaso Sponge Vase



InVaso Sponge Vases