An Italian Artist and Friend

Today I want to introduce you to my dear friend Adriano De Petris, an amazing artist. Recently I came across a portrait he made of me when I was in my early 20s.


Portrait of Bianca | Adriano de Pretis


STYLE PUPA:  Adriano tell us about you! Hand me your ID.

ADRIANO: I am from Rome, I am 35 and I live in Liverpool.


Self-portrait Adriano de Petris


We met through mutual friends in Rome, remember? A long time has passed and I can’t remember when and where you started with these amazing art pieces.

I started this set of paintings for an exhibition in Rome curated by Maria Egizia Fiaschetti: MAC – Maniere a Confornto. the portrait of you was done from a photo I lost. A black and white one. Did I get it from you?

Yes! My godmother Catherine de Zagon is a photographer and she took that picture! what’s your technique? Can you give a “for dummies” explanation?

I built the frame of the canvases using a type of canvas called “Napoli”. The frames are completely of wood, a layer of plywood was used as the basis for the cloth, which is glued with PVA glue. This is to make the framework more robust and create a completely flat surface. I used acrylics, only part of the portrait was then covered with a glaze to increase the brightness and to allow for some slight cleaning.


Cigarette | Adriano de Pretis


What was your inspiration?

It may seem that I love pop art, but that’s not the case. My inspiration comes mainly from a background in the graffiti and poster art. So, my desire to paint and draw was born.  I chose five faces that inspired me the most.


Diego | Adriano de Petris


Tell me more! What is a secret you are keeping inside?

Sure. I have a “secret” project that I have been carrying on for a few years now. The only thing I can say is that it is collaborative and social media art. In addition, I work as a graphic designer for a British company, even if you don’t define that as art, it is still a work of art.


Hotgirl | Adriano De Petris


Where would you put your latest creation if you could put it ANYWHERE?

The street where Giulio Andreotti lives would be ideal. Or Somewhere in Vatican City.

That would be a cool culture clash! The divine meets the streets. Let’s go for a drink sometime … What’s your drink of choice?

Italian wine, of course! Corona Beer. If we’re talking about cocktails a Moijto is okay, but I have tried something called Jagerbomb and it’s not bad!

Jagerbomb sounds like the bomb! How about dinner? Where should we go?

In Rome, I would go The Morgue or Augustarello in Trastevere or Pallucca by Via del governo vecchio. Bring your dog, I’m a total dog lover!

Thanks Adriano! You’re the coolest. I love this yellow painting of this toxic looking girl. There’s something hot and shady about it…


Toxic Girl | Adriano De Petris