Bertelli italian bike fixed-gear

Domenica | Bertelli


The Italian love and passion for bikes has always been really strong.  In the last few years, Milan’s streets have been seeing a lot of fixed-gear bikes flashing around the city and they have also become tremendously popular in the urban centers of North America.

An example of America and Italy’s shared interest in these bikes is Francesco Bertelli.  The Italian New York City based entrepreneur offers advice and hints, based on personal experience, on “How to build a bike” through his blog.  It’s really well-organized and very useful.  Even better, he has designed a fixed-gear bike which can be bought online.   Crafted in hand brushed industrial steel, which gives it a look that is minimal, simple and elegant, the bike is completely made in Italy and every part of it has been thought through down to the smallest detail.

If you don’t want to buy a bike that is already mounted, Bertelli also offers the option that a real biker would chose:  buy just the frame and start building your own bike!

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Italian bike by Bertelli, handlebars.

Domenica's handlebars | Bertelli


Bertelli bike, saddle

Goldie's saddle | Bertelli


Italian bike Mocciosa, by Bertelli.Mocciosa | Bertelli.