“Ambrogio?….I’m not really hungry….I feel like something good…”

If you’re Italian, this quote will surely remind you of a beautiful lady dressed in yellow and her chauffeur, Ambrogio. The highlight of  this memorable TV ad for an unforgettable Italian treat was when a pyramid of sparkling gold-tinfoil wrapped Ferrero Rocher chocolates appeared.


The lady in yellow reaches for a delectable Ferrero Rocher



Produced by Ferrero, the same company that makes Nutella, Ferrero Rocher are still just as sweet a treat today as when they first came on the market 30 years ago in 1982.


Ferrero Rocher | Image Erica Feliciano


What makes them one of the most popular Italian chocolates?  Let’s look at the anatomy of this treat!  In the centre a sweet chocolate cream envelops a crunchy roasted hazelnut. On the outside, a thin crispy wafer is protected by a coating of milk chocolate.  Are you hungry yet?


The layers of a Ferrero Rocher


Leaving any hint of gluttony aside for a minute, another aspect that makes eating a Ferrero Rocher such an indulgent experience is its touch of luxury.  The gold foil wrap conveys the sense of a precious, almost rare, treat. Mmm … where’s Ambrogio when I need him?


The golden wrapper of a Ferrero Rocher