Downtown Independent Theater in LA. Late night.

The silence of the street is suddenly opened up by screeching of wheels against the cement. Somebody shouts. Others cheer. I raise the collar of my jacket and keep on going towards the cinema. Not a mainstream theater, but buzzing with enthusiasm, filled with people ranging in age from 9 to 50, all of them wearing the same pants, all of them sporting the same shoes, all of them with the same shirts and hats. Something big (even though it is on the same sort of level as an underground happening) is going down. And I, Roberto Croci, your Ganzo editor, was there. I saw it. I was there at the world premiere of Unbeleafable, the first 3D skate film under Spike Jonze’s Girl Skateboards label, directed by the legendary Ty Evans.

Unbeleafable Poster

Unbeleafable Premiere

Unbeleafable Inside

During the projection of Unbeleafable

Unbeleafable Set

The set of Unbeleafable

My first time being within the skate culture & its skate stars - Rick Koston, Mike Carrol, Rick Howard, Kenny Anderson - whom I didn’t know at all. Zippo. Zilch. Zero. Nada. I was invited to the premiere by my friends Federico Vitetta and Martino Properzi, known filmmakers in skateboarding and producers for Skate Girl Films, who were gonna take their skate films to the next city for the Art in the Street tour, which is going to be Paris, at the Public Domaine Skateboard Culture Exhibition, at La Gaîté Lyrique theater, where our Italian combo of Federico & Martino will show a series of film and ads on skateboarding culture and a series of short movies by Lakai shoes and Girl Skateboard.

Unbeleafable + Croci + Carroll

Roberto Croci, ska8 superstar Mike Carroll & Martino Properzi

Unbeleafable + Vitetta + Howard

FEDERICO VITETTA + RICK HOWARD + MIKE CARROLL (Founders & Owners of Girl skateboards together with Spike Jonze and Megan Baltimore, not featured)

Unbeleafable + Bot

Alberto Bof (original motion pictures composer and music producer), Martino Properzi (FILMMAKERS ENTERTAINMENT), Federico Vitetta (GIRL SKATEBOARDS AND FILMMAKERS ENTERTAINMENT), Robert Oliva (DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY)

La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris is celebrating contemporary street culture once again with a huge unmissable skateboard series of events this summer from June 18 to August 7. Be prepared for this: Public Domaine (with an ‘e,’ being the name of one of the videos produced by Stacy Peralta in the late 1980s) organized also by Fred Mortagne (aka French Fred, a known skateboarding modern filmmaker) is probably the biggest SKART (skate + art) show ever produced on the face of the earth.

“Skateboarding is much more than a sport, an activity,” Federico says, “a hobby or a way to travel. Over the years the skateboarding culture has been built with a changing and rich aesthetic, mingling all of its expression forms as far as music, design, paintings, architecture, photography artists, DJs… and this day celebrates the tribute to a bunch of art forms that have chosen THE BOARD and 4 WHEELS as a medium of expression.”

Unbeleafable + Public Domaine

Public Domaine Skateboard Culture, an event close to Unbeleafable

The morning after the premier I followed Federico & Martino to their next shooting location, together with Robert Oliva, their legendary Director of Photography who created the rig for the 360 Project, used for underwater (pool) shots. Also with us  was a naked Federico, a worried Martino, as well as Chocolate star skaters Chris Roberts & singing Elijah Berle.

Unbeleafable + Oliva

Unbeleafable director of photography, Robert Oliva and his rig

Unbeleafable + Chocolateskateboards

Kudos also to Alberto Bof, original motion pictures composer and music producer, for his work on the 3D project.

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Unbeleafable + Properzi

The Italian Combo in Paris