In a project that spans the Alps, the Italian paper manufacturer Polyedra is out to promote the past, present, and future collaboration of Italian and Swiss designers through Italian Design Comes Home.

A tradition of world-recognized bi-national creativity drives the project. According to its press statement,

there’s been a strong link in design between Switzerland and Italy (particularly Milan) going back to the 1940s. Max Huber, Carlo Vivarelli, Walter Ballmer were just a few of the legendary Swiss designers who crossed the Alps to help create the International Typographic School for which Italian (and Swiss) design became renowned.

Composed of one Swiss and one Italian designer, 11 teams are collaborating to produce original and inspired graphic posters. Echoing the double nature of the project, the collective will hold two exhibits, one in Milan and one in Zurich as well as publish their work in a book to be distributed in Italy, Switzerland, and throughout Europe.

The theme of twos continues in a competition for Swiss and Italian designers under thirty that centers on the theme of “A Celebration of Swiss and Italian Design.” Not only will winners receive the opportunity to exhibit and publish their work, but they could also gain the bragging rights that come with awards such as “Best Young Italian Designer.”

While none of the work is out yet, the video “No Paper was Harmed in the Making of this Film” offers an intriguing time-lapse glimpse of how Alberto Parise and Giovanni Pasini created the project’s large-scale centerpiece.

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