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Bookbike by BYografia


Do you know someone who has never had a bicycle stolen?  I for one do not.  The worst part though is how many friends have had their bike stolen when it was parked right in front of their house!

Sure, it’s not a problem for  those who believe that this is just an example of  karma and fits into the perpetual cycle of people “loaning” items to each other.  For those who love their bike and jealously guard it the Bookbike by BYografia could be the answer to the problem of street parking.  Even if you do not have enough space at home or on your balcony for a bike, this bookcase is for you.   The set up is simple, stable and space efficient, not to mention that the height is adjustable so you’re not going to need super-human strength to get your bike on the hook.

So keep your prized bike accessible and safe next to your favorite CDs, books and everything else you love (maybe add a photo of your mother when she visits) with Bookbike!

$ 3,600.00 | Want it? Grab it



White Bookbike Bookcase


Bookbike Bookcase detail

bookbike complete

Bookbike with black bike