Flora & Fauna Vase and Fishbowl | Alberto Ghirardello x Dust to Design


I can only imagine that the young designer Alberto Ghirardello is the kind of modern man who lives in touch with nature. That’s because his simple, but brilliantly executed, vase brings the elements of living nature, Flora and Fauna, into your home with one design.

The Flora & Fauna vase is a single piece of blown glass that functions as both fish bowl and flower vase.  The clear transparent glass turns the artistan crafted object into a mini microcosm that can live on your desk or coffee table. Distributed by Dust to Design, each vase comes engraved  with the name of the designer, the name of the glass blower, and its date of production, all on its base.

€ 135.00 | Want it?  Grab it!


Flora & Fauna Vase and Fishbowl

The handblown glass vase and fishbowl

Flora & Fauna Vase and Fishbowl