For a while now I’ve been following Earmilk. The writers at this music blog based out of the United States and Canada use their experience as journalists, musicians and fanatics to share what’s on their playlists.  These guys knows what is going on in the world’s underground music scene!

One of my favorite columns on their blog is Suicide Sundaes which comes out every Sunday.  The name says it all: every Sunday they serve a playlist of the most interesting remixes by  brand new DJs from the world electronic scene.   It’s as fresh and tasty as as ice cream and it’s perfect for shaking off  a Saturday night hangover!

In the last few weeks they have caught my attention because in many of the Sundaes feature various Italian DJs and producers that I’ve seen live in Italy. Let me give you a quick introduction to some of them.  You’ll see (or hear) that it’s worth your time.


italian DJs

Hack The System


Milan’s underground scene has a lot to offer electronic music lovers, starting with Hack The System, an eclectic DJ who’s been on the music scene since he was young. From classic to rock music, from electro to dance, his a master at mixing any sound. His French Lesson mashup is brilliant!


italian DJs



Boylerz might be the youngest project, but in my opinion this trio rocks! I met them thanks to a friend of mine and then I started to follow them on SoundCloud.  Everything they release is a strong and powerful blend of bass and high notes. The Full Collection remix is stuff for connoisseurs!


italian DJs

The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 | Live at Piazza Castello, Ferrara


Last, but surely not least, are the world-renowned Bloody Beetroots.

This project officially started in 2007 and, as fast as a lightning, has spread all over the world, with tours in Australia, North America, Canada and Europe. I saw them in Ferrara last summer for The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 world tour: an amazing live in the heart of my hometown.

If you’ve kept with me to the end of this article I’m betting you like this kind of music, so go ahead … check it out!