When you wake up in the morning, when you’re having trouble getting through the middle of the workday, when you want to sit down and chat with a friend, espresso is there to give you a few sips of rich, roasted deliciousness. For a beverage that has such a hold on Italians and people who love Italian culture, it’s no wonder that there are so many espresso cups for so many different kinds of espresso drinkers. Why drink from just any old cup when there are some great Italian designs that will help you enjoy your moment of coffee bliss even more?  Take a look at our six favorites from the hundreds of possible options.


Euphemia Cup Hybrid Collection | Seletti

Hybrid Eufemia Coffee Cup | Seletti


Hybrid Eufemia Coffee Cup - SELETTI | $ 42.42

With its Hybrid collection Seletti shakes up traditional ceramic patterns and puts them back together again – literally. Combining blue and burgundy china designs with a gold colored handle, the Hybrid Eufemia Coffee Cup is perfect for anyone who loves to mix some vintage style into their dining set.




Lavazza Porcelain Cup | Lavazza


Lavazza Porcelain Cup – LAVAZZA | $ 47.00

A classic shape that can be found in any Italian coffeeshop, but with the bold and minimal logo of Lavazza, this is an icon of Italian coffee culture.



Gocce Espresso Cup | Guzzini

Gocce Espresso Cup | Guzzini


Gocce Espresso Cup - GUZZINI | $ 55.50

Guzzini revolutionized the idea of what plastic can mean for home goods by producing it in well-designed and durable products.  The Gocce Espresso Cup follows in that lineage with a fun look that won’t break should you accidentally drop it.



Eye Espresso Cup | Fornasetti

Eye Espresso Cup | Fornasetti


Eye Espresso Cup – FORNASETTI | $ 213.00

The surreal aesthetic of Fornasetti is perfected in the simple idea behind the Eye Espresso Cup.



Tulip Cup | Alessi

Tulip Mocha Cup | Alessi


Tulip Mocha Cup - ALESSI | $ 102.00

Alessi’s products are known for having a sense of playfulness about them and the Tulip Mocha Cup is no exception. The elegant shape and fun idea make these cups the grown-up version of a child’s imaginary garden party.



Francesco Clemente for Illy Art Collection | Illy

Francesco Clemente for Illy Art Collection | Illy


Illy Art Collection by Francesco Clemente – ILLY | € 25.00

The latest in the Illy Art Collection of espresso cups is an edition designed by world-renowned contemporary artist Francesco Clemente. The abstract watercolors give the cups a vivid presence that’s almost as strong as a shot of Illy espresso.



Italian Designer | DustoDesign

Flat | DustoDesign


Coffee Cup Flat – DUST TO DESIGN | € 330.00

Flat is a traditional espresso cup Made in Italy with one important difference; the flat surface of the saucer is designed to securely hold a stirring spoon, so that the set can be easily carried.



Paola Navone for Rei

Paola Navone for Reichenbach | Reichenbach


Porcelain Espresso Cup designed by Paola Navone | REICHENBACH $ 75.00

Paola Navone’s design for Reichenbach can be summed up in just a few words: elegant, delicate and modern.