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Made in Sicily | Giorgio Locatelli


Italians have always been known for and proud of Italian food.

Now everyone can easily start cooking not only Italian food, but specifically Sicilian food, with Made in Sicily.

After his first bestseller called Made in Italy, the Italian master chef Giorgio Locatelli of the Michelin-starred Locanda Locatelli, will guide you on a tasty journey through the culture, traditions and art of Sicilian food.

One of the world’s best Italian chefs gives you hints, information and advices about the Sicilian food.

The book is divided into seven chapters, each one dedicated to a specific type of dish: appetizers, vegetables, couscous and soup, pasta, fish, meat, and, obviously, deserts. Wonderful pictures of people, landscapes, markets, cities and food accompany the recipes.  Another interesting feature of the release is the introduction to every chapter which offers practical reflections and brief historical and cultural references.

This book is an amazing introduction to the high quality of wine and food in one of the most interesting regions of the Italian boot.

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italian food

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