Have you always wanted to have an amazing bed, but couldn’t afford it because your budget goes into your entertainment center ? No sweat..give up the living room and bring media into your bedroom!

HiCan gives a new twist to the classic canopy bed. It’s a unique blend of vintage and contemporary design that uses the latest technology to deliver a new way of enjoying our most personal space.

Given HiCan’s many features it will be really hard to get up and out of bed.  The Italian designer Edoardo Carlino created HiCan to be the first hi-tech bed equipped with TV, media center, stereo speakers, light control and the option of adding a game console.

We already spend about one third of our life in bed, so why not make that time more entertaining?


$ 55, 270 | Want it? Grab it



HiCan TV

front HiCan

hi-tech canopy bed


HiCan side