Italian Mask

Ragnatela mask | Leondoro


Carnival might have come and gone, but its spirit survives!

From the millions of different masks that show up along Venetian streets, locally called calli, to the impressive parade displays in Rio, what remains of Carnival season?

Thanks to Free People clothing we can still enjoy the dress-up excitement of Carnival.  The Italian mask collection by Leondoro is a  unique and design-forward collection featuring four mask models: the Ragnatela, Tattoo, Libellua and Voxhall Italian Masks.

Ragnatela is a delicate spiderweb that frames your eyes giving you a mysterious edge.  It even includes a Swarovski crystal spider!  Tattoo is the most minimal of the 3 masks.  Its clean and linear edges give it a modern feel appropriate for any event.  Libellula has a very feminine dragonfly shape with intricate swirls and gemstone decorations.  The most opulent mask is the Voxhall.  With a design featuring roses and diamonds it is the ideal accessory for a grand Carnival ball.

The entire collection of masks is made in Italy with laser cut metal and Swarovski crystals.

$ 98.00-248.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Italian Mask

Tattoo mask | Leondoro


Italian Mask

Libellula mask | Leondoro