Walking down the street on any given day you’re going to see someone wearing a messenger bag.  From urban edge to branded luxury, no matter what the style the messenger bag has become such a fashion statement that it’s easy to forget that messenger bags used to be used mainly by, well… messengers.

Italian accessories designer Franco Zanellato thought it would be a good idea  to remind people and brands where messenger bags come from. His newly launched collection called La Postina, is directly inspired by the bag that his grandfather used to deliver letters and packages with his bike. To create a truly authentic product Zanellato reached an agreement with the Italian Post, Poste Italiane, which allowed him to use the same latches that were on mailmen’s bags in the 50s. Add to that Zanellato’s tailoring and the use of the finest leathers and you have an accessory that does justice to the hard workers it was named after.

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