Fiat 500: where it all started.


Recently you may have seen the new Fiat 500 ads in magazines, on the TV….well, pretty much everywhere. In the States, you’ve probably seen JLo more often than your relatives. OK, so the new 500 is a piece of art, a damn good car. That’s for sure.


first model 1957

Fiat 500, 1957: the birth of a myth


That is what’s going on now, but I want to turn back to the beginning, to the original Fiat 500.  Why?  Because this is vintage Italian originality. The Fiat 500 was first produced in 1957 when the economy was booming. The idea was to give the new Italian middle-class a car that could be used everyday from the short daily commute to the longer family vacation.


1957 red fiat

1957, take #2: the red version


The Fiat 500 became the symbol of a stylish and cosmopolitan Italian lifestyle. A modern design, appealing colors, easiness in driving: the car was exactly what people needed. The truly affordable price also helped it become a massively popular car.


fiat 500 rear

Fiat 500 | 1957


fiat venezia

An extremely rare scene: a car invading the canals of Venice


abarth launch fiat

A successful partnership: Abarth and Fiat joined in the early 60s, creating the Fiat 500 Abarth, a sports model.


And – as if everything I’ve said so far isn’t enough – the Fiat 500 was the first product advertised on Italian state television!


fiat 500 D commercial

An ad for the model D