Hazel Women's Wooden Watch | Ab Aeterno


One of the best parts of science class in elementary school is learning that you can tell time using nature.  From a sundial, to a water clock, to the rings of a tree, we have developed our ability to measure time from  the resources around us. Italian watchmaker Ab Aeterno draws on the beauty and richness of the Australian landscape to create their collection of wooden watches.

As a combination of modern Citizen movement technology and ageless materials (the brand’s name means from time immemorial) these are timepieces that are both organic and precise. Crafted from 100% natural sandalwood, each watch is hypoallergenic and, thanks to the wood grain, visually unique. The collection features both women’s watches that have a delicate face with small rhinestones and unisex watches that have a more rugged face.

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Unisex Wooden Watch in Envy | Ab Aeterno