Inside one of the oldest wool mills in Italy


Italiani, A Film | Giorgio Oppici x Lanificio di Tollegn

Italiani, A Film | Giorgio Oppici x Lanificio di Tollegno


The history of the Lanificio di Tollegno dates back over a century to 1900 when the Sella family founded a mill dedicated to producing carded wool. Since those early years the business has grown exponentially and today the company has offices around the world from New York to Osaka. Despite these changes, the company continues to be dedicated to its roots in Italy’s Biella province and mindful of its history.

The video “Italiani” by Giorgio Oppici takes us inside the mill in Tollegno for a visual tour that captures the company’s long tradition, from fabric archives dating from the beginning of the 20th century to the carding and spinning machines that are used today.