103 years of Italian soccer

Normally, I’m someone who doesn’t care very much about sports, but put me in front of the TV when the Italian National Soccer Team is playing and you’ll see me laugh, cry and jump off of the sofa! I can’t explain it, but I go nuts. Maybe it’s because, in my opinion, we are the best team in the world.


Italy National Football Team 2012

The Italian National Soccer Team in 2012


The Italian National Football (Soccer) team formed in 1910, thanks to the initiative of Luigi Bosisio, president of the Italian Federation of the Game of Soccer. The famous light blue [azzuro] team jersey first appeared in 1911 and led to the nickname, which is still used today, of Azzuri [Light blues] for the National Team.



The Italian National Soccer Team in 1910



Francesco Cali, the first Captain of the Italian National Team



Finland Italy 1912 Olympics

Italy plays Finland at the 1912 Olympics


Ever since the World Cup of Soccer began in 1930 Italy has been the team to beat.  We won our first World Cup title against Czechoslovakia in 1934 and our second title in 1938 against France. The start of the Second World War interrupted the World Cup, which wasn’t held again until 1950.



A fascist-era poster announcing the 1934 World Cup



A fascist-era poster announcing the 1934 World Cup



After the long absence of the international competition, Italy returned as a strong team, but had trouble regaining its winning stride. It was only in 1982 under the coaching of Enzo Bearzot and the leadership of the legendary team captain Dino Zoff that Italy beat out West Germany in Spain to win its third World Cup title.  One of the most important and exciting moments during that edition of the competition wasn’t the final game; it was the match between Italy and Argentina when Argentian Diego Armando Maradona, an icon and champion of Italian league soccer had to face off against the men who were normally his teammates. It showed how soccer had become more than just a sports game, it had become a matter of honor.


Maradona and Gentile

Maradona and Gentile


World Cup 1982

Italy wins the World Cup in 1982



Italian president Sandro Pertini with Dino Zoff, Franco Causio and Enzo Bearzot on their way back to Italy after winning the World Cup in Spain | 1982


Fast forward to Summer 2006 in Germany. On July 9th Italy won the World Cup again. I think most Italians can remember that day and, of course, the celebrations that took place the day after.  Italians aren’t very showy in their patriotism and we don’t normally focus on how similar we are with people from across our country, but swear that on that night we all felt united, no matter what part of the world we were in.


World Cup 2006

Italy celebrates its win in the World Cup 2006


Italian National Team Supporters

Italian National Team Supporters


That night all of us were in Germany in spirit, cheering along our  Azzurri [Light-blues].  Although the team jersey has changed design and color many times since the National Team was formed in 1910, one thing that will never change is our pride in the Italian team.  We’ll be cheering for them at the next World Cup in Brazil in 2014 and we’ll keep cheering for them even after the lights on the field have dimmed.