A rising Italian fashion designer remakes Lolita in Italy

My friend Giulia Zoppas is a Milanese stylist who started the Je m’en fous fashion experience in 2007 by mixing sexiness and elegance to create unique looks that are always Made in Italy.


A dress from the Je m'en fous Summer 2013 Collection

Je m’en fous dress | Spring Summer 2013 Collection


Je m’en fous swimsuit | Spring Summer 2013 collection


Je m’en fous: I couldn’t care less …

What Giulia can’t care less about is “logo-mania, the status-quo and commercial demagogy.”  The Je m’en fous girls is an eternal Lolita in love with freedom who seeks a unique style that won’t force her to compromise on high quality. While the designer couldn’t care less about convention, without a doubt she cares greatly about “the concept of a ‘Lolita’ like femininity.”


Giulia Zoppas, the designer and founder of Je m'en fous

Giulia Zoppas, the designer and founder of Je m’en fous


Je m’en fous cashmere dress | Fall Winter 2013-14 Collection


Giulia’s dream was to create a new concept of fashion inspired by the Je m’en fous logo. She has been extremely successful in achieving the perfect Italian mix of sexy and elegant style with Made in Italy craftsmanship.  Her collection is a well-balanced mix of classy cashmere pieces and stylish silk dresses with statement accessories and fun outerwear.




“Being normal is so overrated” fluorescent pink bag | Je m’en fous Accessories


Fluo down jackets | Je m’en fous