“Fucking AAA, man!”

I hung up the phone and rush to wear my country style boots and my fool-proof red lipstick…all because I am finally going to meet the man of my dream face to face, the actor turned singer, Jeff Bridges, aka The Dude from The Big Lebowsky, who is playing tonite at the Troubadour, to promote his newest album, a self-titled Jeff Bridges, a 30 year personal, professional, and now musical friendship between Bridges and T Bone Burnett.

Ciao, sono Giada Carlucci, a fan and a woman in love with Jeff Bridges.

PS: Before I get into what happened, let me explain to you why I started my story with “Fucking AAA”. I use it because I heard it from Roberto Croci, editor in chief of GANZOMAG.COM, who will absolutely use IT in a very positive way  in many different situations. Even though it is a colorful expression, no doubt about it, IT IS NOT used as an expletitive in this case, but instead, as a BRILLIANT way to cut through the bull – aka getting to the point – and make a point, or take a stand IN REGARD to something. I asked him where it comes from and what does it mean to him. This is what he had to say on the subject, which has become his trademark among his peers:

“Where it comes from? I made it up. Why do I say it?  To make absolutely sure that YOU KNOW WHEN I LOVE SOMETHING. No mistakes about it. That YOU know where I am coming from. As everybody knows, ‘A” is synonym of quality, of excellency. Good restaurants get Grade A on their windows, while teachers reward kids in school by giving them an A; you either belong to the A-list…or no list at all; also, what is the first letter of the alphabet…and so on and on. So, in my mind, saying Fucking A, it is the best possibile scenario for anything or anyone that wants 2 tell to the whole-wide-world, that THIS IS (whatever it is) QUALITY ‘A’ MATERIAL … plus, saying ‘fucking B’ is not as cool.”

Roberto Croci & Me!

Back to my story. 4 PM, I am here at the Troubadour with my friend Stefania Rosini (another fan of the Man). I love this club, it is my very own kind-of-place! It looks like a miserable old school rock ‘n’ roll hole in the wall, but  just consider for a second the breathtaking line up of musicians who have played here times and times again … and you see why I love it, why this club still  astounds me: Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Elthon John, Gun’s Roses, the Eagles, Perl Jam, John Lennon, beside  another band very dear to my heart,  Radiohead!

Jeff Bridges

Is this the new album cover?

But tonight is The Dude’s night, and since I always loved him, I was really thrilled at the opportunity. I even thought, that being so close to him, I could have tried to be as seductive as possible – I did considered flashing him – just to be able to exchange some words.

But then, something  magic happened, it was his music that seduced me instead. I decided then and there to roll with the punches, getting close to the stage, while listening to Jeff’s tribute, hanging to every his words, getting help from a drink or two - nothing but White Russian – when I felt I was all alone, lonely and still in awe of The Man. All of a sudden a big black man comes before me, simply to proceed onto the stage, to introduce him – all the while being watched  backstage by Jeff Bridges, hidden behind a curtain. It was really a surprise for me when I realized tht it was Mr. Quincy Jones, who, then said:

“I first saw him playing a song when he was seventeen years old, already very devoted to music, so now I am so happy to be here, to see The Dude make his dream come true, to realized which one was his real calling, and …to be true to his calling!”

Quincy Jones Jeff Bridges

The magical Quincy Jones

To realize that you are in the presence of THE REAL THING, I guess, sometimes it must feel a little surreal, like now, seeing Jeff and his musicians sharing their emotions on center stage, and me, being in the middle of it! After Jeff thanks Quincy, everyone seems to chill out, as they start playing the concert out, so I got fully immersed, being that the music was so much like a vortex and his songs were so sweet, I have to say that I was starting to loose any libido I had at the beginning of the evening. Then the dude – BAD guitar strap, like he wore in Crazy Heart, and all – basically introduce all his friend and family, brother and wife included, so NOW I know FOR SURE I can’t feel any sexuality towards him anymore, even tough I have to admit, the more I listened to it – OMG,  it’s hard to dislike him as a musician, as well as actor!

Jeff Bridges guitar

Jeff is tuning...

Keeping in mind of course that I already have a weakness for laid-back-roots-rock-folk winding narrative words and soul-inflected pop, I gave in even more to the evening, finally surrendering myself to his good looks, beginning to fall under it’s spell (music), when all of a sudden I felt this bad girl attitude come over me. Yes, ladies, I really wanted to get IT on with Mr. Bridges, even though THIS is NOT a situation WHICH YOU MIGHT CALL PROFESSIONAL, I have to confess all my love for the hardworking man on the stage – loved the white beard and long long hair.

Jeff Bridges concert

The first new one he played was Everything but Love

At the beginning of the third act/song of the album, is when I TOTALLY surrendered, when he basically made a statement to the audience, in regards to all the women he had been married to in the last thirty years…. That’s when I gave up, right in front of his women, his family, his fans. That’s it, Dude, this time I won’t have you, but I bet we will meet again and there will be no relatives who will SAVE YOU! YOU WILL BE MINE AT LAST!

In conclusion, not a disappointment seeing him singing and playing, but when he closed the show down with a couple of other sweet songs, dedicated to Sue and his daughter Isabelle, which was present, I saw that great dreamy Big Dude roughness disappeared in my mind in a split second, leaving my lust behind the deep appreciation I had acquired for him as an artist and as a songwriter. Go on, Dude, keep on singing for all of us.

Jeff Bridges B&W


Thank you Los Angeles. City of Angels. LYFE!

Text by Giada Carlucci.

PS: All the great photos are from Stefania Rosini, a great fan as well.