We are not going to talk about what Jovanotti has accomplished during his career as a musician.  I mean, what can you say about an artist who has had hundreds of web pages written about him?  So here’s the big news without the long lead-up:  for the second time Jovanotti is bringing his talent to the West Coast of the US.

Italian musicians often come to the US, but most of them plan their concerts for the NYC area because it’s got a strong Italian community and while it might not exactly be next door, it is a lot closer than LA or San Francisco.  But Jovanotti, with a ton of International collaborations behind him, does not think like that!

On March 17th he will be playing at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.  A brilliant Italian playing the night of a rowdy Irish holiday in an iconic Art Deco American venue.  Now that is Ganzo!  It’s also the reason why Ganzo will be there to listen in and enjoy an evening with Jovanotti, a great representative of the Italian music scene.


Jovanotti | El Rey Theatre


El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles CA
Sat, Mar 17, 2012 08:00 PM