I met Brandy 5 years ago in Los Angeles and have been in contact with her ever since. I was first inspired by this LA photographer because she was friends with my brother, she spoke fluent Italian and was just an all together cool chick. Here is a picture I’ve had of her forever because my brother kept it in an album.

LA photographer brandy eve allen

Image Brandy Eve Allen


Apart from a few commercial gigs like this famous Bertolucci “The Dreamers” poster, Brandy is famous for her artistic and captivating images of those close to her.


LA photographer the dreamers

Dreamers poster by Brandy Eve Allen


Brandy’s fantasy realist pictures capture the dreamy and intangible aspects of the world. She loves nature and nude bodies, and uses double/multiple exposures a lot.

One day she asked me to pose for her in a fashion shoot.  We used Vivienne Westwood’s Gold Label Collection for Spring Summer ’11 and decided to find inspiration first in the woods around Topanga and then in my Uncle Carlos’s beautiful garden in Malibu. On the way back to LA we stopped on the beach for a few last shots.


LA photographer brandy eve allen

Image by LA photographer Brandy Eve Allen


LA photographer


brandy eve allen - an LA photographer


Brandy Eve is also the author of our popular Pinky Panther Campaign.  Here are a couple of test pictures that I haven’t published yet.

A test image from the Pinky Panther campaign shot by Brandy

Another Pinky Panther image


A contact sheet from the Pinky Panther photo series


She also just recently published a book called CIAO LA. The book is, as she says, “a memoir of a young girl on a journey through language, love, culture, art and the way it fucks with the heart.”  Though she was raised in Los Angeles, Brandy collected journals during a 6 year stay in Torino, Italy. It was a long journey from age 21-27.


The cover of Brandy's book Ciao LA


These images are very powerful and show the challenges a woman faces in her teens and twenties as she comes of age.


From Ciao LA by Brandy


Here are pics of a shoot we had recently north of El Matador Beach at our “secret spot.”


A photo of me on Matador Beach by Brandy Eve Allen

Another shot of me on Matador Beach by Brandy



Brandy is indeed talented. If you are interested in any of her art please contact her.

I love her posters and I just purchased two of them for my living room: only 20$ each!  In fact, I’m so into them that I’m Brandy’s representative for the Westside of L.A. and will literally drop the posters at your doorstep.


Brandy's Ciao LA posters


Thanks to Brandy I have more art in my life, and L.A. has more talent to show!