Cielo Watch in Red | Lambretta Watches


Love the style of your vintage Lambretta scooter?  Addicted to fashion?  Wish you could combine the two?  Then take a look at the Cielo watch from the Lambretta watch collection.  The bright colors and simple style of the Cielo will help you enjoy every minute of summer weather.

Featuring a solid metal case and a leather strap, the Cielo fits with the look of Lambretta scooters.  It’s original and modern, but with a touch of vintage allure at the same time.

$ 75.00 | Want it?  Grab it!


Cielo Red model of Lambretta

Lambretta Cielo Watch in Red



White Lambretta watch

Lambretta Cielo Watch in White

Black model by Lambretta

Lambretta Cielo Watch in Black


Lambretta watches all colors

All colors of the Lambretta Cielo Watch