Wooden-toys Baiji

LAST wooden toys Baiji | Niccolò Bottarelli x Alburno


If I were to talk to about the Dodo, Baiji and Tilacino, you would probably think I was speaking in some made-up language.  Chances are you’ve never heard of those three animals and that’s exactly the point of  Nicolò Bottarelli’s LAST, a collection of hand-carved wooden toys created for Alburno.

Each piece in the collection, a Mauritian Dodo, a Chinese Baiji (similar to a dolphin) and a Tasmanian Tilacino (similar to a dog), represents a very real animal that is either near extinction or already extinct.

Each beech and maple toy comes packed in  wood chips left over from the crafting process. Bottarelli’s goal is for children to become increasingly aware of the importance of nature through fun and the playful care or the animal.  It’s a small and eco-friendly product that has a big impact.

€ 45.00 | Want it?  Grab it!


Wooden-toys Dodo

LAST wooden toy Dodo

Wooden-toys Tilacino

LAST wooden toy Tilacino


LAST Wooden Toys