Leghila washable neoprene bag

Leghila washable neoprene bag

The bright and colorful totes created by Giovanna dell’Onte might have a classic silhouette, but look a little closer and you’ll see that this version is modernized with neoprene. By using the same material as a scuba suit, Leghila has created a lightweight and durable accessory that has become very popular.

The unique idea of using neoprene for handbags is a real revolution for the fashion industry not only because it is soft to touch and pretty to look at, but because it is washable too so the neon stays clean and bright. If you spill your coffee while rushing to work in the morning, this bag finally has a solution, you can wash it everyday and until the stain goes away!

$ 210.00 – 245.00 | Want it? Grab it!

Leghila neon franzy bag

Leghila neon Franzy bag

Leghila franzy neoprene bag

Leghila Franzy neoprene bag