Spring Scarves

I love it when Men and Women can share accessories, check out these scarves fresh from Japan by Leroy.


Leroy Concept Scarf Japan

Us in our Leroy concept scarves


I don’t know of anyone doing the same thing right now – using great test fabrics, mixing various fabrics and using prints as interesting as these to make scarves.


Leroy scarves


What also makes this scarf unique is that its held together by a melted and twisted Victorian Butter- knife.


What a great way to hold your scarf closed!


I’m going for a nice lunch and I’m in a spring pink mood – I’ll give it the final touch with this fantastic black Leroy Scarf with white polkadots!!


Leroy Concept Scarf Japan 4

Leroy scarf black with white polkadots | $335 at Guild LA

A pink kiss!