Linea Sofa | Luca Nichetto x

Linea Sofa | Luca Nichetto x Offecct


Inspired by his love for the classic Italian animated series La Linea, Italian designer Luca Nichetto created the minimal and modern Linea Sofa for Swedish brand Offecct.

Like its namesake cartoon, the light blue Linea Sofa is a unique piece of design.  The real innovative genius of the piece is its modular structure, which makes it adaptable to any room size.  Small tables connect the two or three seat sections into larger forms that, because of their proportions and lines, are somewhere between a sofa and a bench. The graphic stitching on the backrest forms a continuous line  that looks great and is reminiscent of Osvaldo Cavandoli’s original cartoon concept.

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Detail of the Linea Sofa’s line design



Linea Sofa connected by a small table



Linea sofa connected by an armrest


The extended modular shape of the Linea Sofa

The extended shape of the Linea Sofa